So guess what was resting comfortably in my garden at 6 o’clock this morning?  Do you think he’s trying to send me a message?

Resting After A Nice Meal


Perhaps the message he is trying to convey is one of the following:

  • Hey, thanks for the nice breakfast.  I was so stuffed I had to lie down right here in your garden.
  • The strawberries plants were great, but when are you going to plant the rest of your garden?
  • I’m not afraid to hang out in your garden.  Your color blind dog can’t even see me because I blend right in.
  • Did your hear the news?  My girlfriend is expecting.  That’s right, a whole family of bunnies.  Sort of like your very own “Occupy” event, bunny style.

I really had high hopes for the garden this year.  The weather has been warmer than normal and we intended to plant everything this Saturday which is early for us.  We typically plant on Memorial day.  Deer, squirrels and Peter Rabbit along with his entourage are going to make it a very long summer, but not in a good way.

p.s. The photography is not my best work.  I had to be quick to get this shot.  I couldn’t believe the audacity of this guy just lying casually in my garden.  It took all my control to snap a photo instead of trying to snap his…well, you know.

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