My little take on the popular Visa commercials…

  • Trip #1 to vet after dog gets into something, has allergic reaction, needs several lab tests, steroid shot and prednisone prescription – $361.78
  • Trip #2 to vet to pick up doxycycline antibiotic for positive Lymes disease test – $23.79
  • Trip #3 to vet the next week because allergic reaction returns, needs another steroid shot and prednisone prescription – $79.17
  • Trip #4 to vet because dog gets stung by insect, face swells, stops eating for three days, needs another steroid shot and prednisone prescription – $116.43
  • Seeing your daughter with her (now healthy) dog after being gone for several days…priceless.
Girl's Best Friend


*All of the above events happened within the past three weeks.  Fingers crossed that we are done with the vet until next year’s check up.

2 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. cute way of summing up the story, I’ll have to go look through your past posts and images, I want to see them all now


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