Instead of attending her friend’s roller skating birthday party, Sophia spent the morning watching a movie in our bedroom and trying to rest after waking up with a fever.  She was devastated that she was going to miss out on seeing all of her friends and enjoy cupcakes after singing “Happy Birthday”.  She perked up a bit later in the day, but still didn’t feel good enough to change out of her pj’s.  We gave away our tickets to an evening performance of the “Old Turtle”since we knew she needed rest.  Late in the afternoon, Sophia was hanging out in her room, Sebastian and Mike were throwing the ball around in the front yard and I decided  to take Daphne for a walk.  It was a gray, dreary day, but I decided we needed some fresh air.  We ended up walking through a quiet cemetery with a small stream running through it and two ponds.  Daphne became excited when she saw ducks, geese and seagulls at the ponds, quacking, honking and cawing.  I had my cell phone with me and called Mike to pack up Sophia in her pj’s, get Sebastian in the car, grab my camera and find some old bread to feed our new feathered friends.  Mike and the kids arrived within a few minutes and the feast began.

One By One


Grey Goose




Looking For Handouts


Watchful Eye


Feeding The Fowl


Snow White


Sitting Pretty


Old Blue Eyes


The Feast Is Over


The kids had fun seeing the beautiful birds.  They were friendly and came up close enough to feed by hand.  We will have to go back later in the spring when they have little ducklings and goslings swimming along side.

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