Week 43 Theme ~ Shadow

I wasn’t overly creative this week and as often happens, I missed yesterday’s deadline to enter my photo into Project 52.  I did get out this morning before anyone in the house was up and take this picture.  I was more interested in the frost on the fallen leaves and not so much with the “shadow” theme, but did manage to sneak it in.  Look how the maple leaf in the foreground shadows the oak leaf at the back.  Suttle, but I think it counts.

Shadow On Frosty Leaf


If “frost” had been the theme, I would have hit the jackpot.

On The Rocks
Frosty Oak Leaf
Frosty Apple Tree Leaf
Frosty Azalea Leaves


Before I went inside, I saw our neighbor’s tall grasses looking very golden in the morning light.

Tall Grasses

One thought on “MCP Project 52 ~ Week 43

  1. Love the last image (I do photos like that a lot, and love the effect). And the 2nd one with the more muted tones and the wonderful shapes and texture of the rocks. Great image there. Love your Boxer in the header. I have one of those at home. 🙂


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