After a week filled with plumbing issues, a veterinary visit for a suspicious-looking growth, a dead land line and a call to my cell from the school to retrieve a sick child, I realized it’s only Thursday.  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I hope it’s not one more thing to problem solve, fix or figure out.  You will probably find me at home tomorrow with Sophia who still has a fever and a stomach ache, a dog who still has a lump on her head, but is scheduled for a minor surgery on Tuesday and a phone line that is still dead but repair has been scheduled and will be completed by 4:30pm, or so they say.  The plumbing issues were fixed by Mike last night after a trip to Menard’s and a receipt for $23 – much cheaper than calling a plumber.

I spent the last hour editing photos after everyone was in bed and came across these pictures from Sebastian’s birthday.  We spent the afternoon at Chester Bowl in the beautiful fall weather.  As we were headed out to hike up the big ski hill, the kids went up ahead and crossed the bridge/footpath over the pond.

Crossing The Bridge


Hi Mom!


These photos remind me that we will have simpler, easier days ahead.  All of these small things may feel like one big burden, but they really are just small bumps in the road.  Here’s to a much better Friday and a weekend filled with rejuvenation.

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