The next part of our spring break was spent in the Twin Cities.  Mike still had hotel points from back in his travel days, so we used some of them to stay at a hotel in St. Paul on Friday and Saturday night.  We left Daphne behind – our neighbor took care of her – packed up the car and made our way to the hotel.  The kids loved the atrium in the lobby.  It was filled with trees, plants, a pond and ducks.  Sophia sneaked up on one and was able to pet its feathery head.   The kids checked out the pool and were happy to see that there was also a hot tub.  Our room was spacious and had a fridge, microwave and separate sleeping and living areas.  We had dinner at the hotel restaurant and swam afterwards.

Saturday was spent at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.  We looked at the plants and flowers at the conservatory first.  I wasn’t sure if the kids would like it, but they enjoyed it as much as Mike and I did.  I don’t know the names of half the flowers I photographed, so I will post these without descriptions.

On to the zoo…

Unique and beautiful plants, cool animals and souvenirs from the gift shop.  What could be better?  To be continued…

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