My latest photography endeavor is MCP Project 52.  One photo a week based on a theme.  The project began the first week in January.  I’m a little late…10 weeks late to be exact.  I guess I could call it my own Project 42.  Just like the joy of love, participation is free and you can join in at any time.  This week’s theme is childhood toys.  Mike has a stash of stuff in our storage room in the basement.  He pulled out these priceless gems for me to photograph last night .

Rubik's Cube - The Label Is Intact, Just Wearing Off


Mattel Electronics ~ Baseball, Football, Basketball


Mattel Football 2 is not shown, although it carries quite the story.  It was the updated version of Mattel Football, but encased in dark green.  We have this one at home in our storage room too, but it didn’t make the final cut in my photo.  The game was a gift to Sean and Mike for Christmas when they were kids.  They found the wrapped package under the Christmas tree prior to Christmas.  With their parents not at home, Mike and Sean carefully opened the end of the wrapping, slid the game out and played until they heard their  Mom and Dad’s car in the driveway.  They quickly slipped it back into the packaging, sealed up the tape on the wrapping and laid it back under the tree without their parents ever knowing.  Many years later as adults, the story is a favorite one to tell.

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