Thanksgiving, Skating and Bentleyville

We had quite the Thanksgiving weekend.  Three days of food, family and fun.  Since we didn’t eat and visit enough with Mike’s family on Thursday and Friday, we spent Saturday afternoon at my brother’s house for more turkey and conversation.

Here’s the recap of the weekend:

Day #1 – Thanksgiving – Not many pictures from this day.  Too busy cooking, eating and cleaning up.

Thanksgiving Table

The Bird

Watching A Movie Before Bedtime

Day #2 – Skating at the DECC

All twelve Sullivans, plus our friends, The Pellers, embarked on the DECC to skate off the turkey and dessert ingested the day before.  We had a great time skating, shooting pucks and watching Mike P. make a skate train with the kids.

Hop Aboard the Skate Train

Shooting Pucks

Sophia The Skater

Will The Hockey Player

Little Lewis With Big Sis

Max And Big Sis

Family Picture

Nana, Papa And Grandkids

Nana, Papa And Ella

Still Day #2 – Bentleyville

The 120ft Tall Bentleyville Tree


Papa's Favorite - Popcorn!

Rudolph And The Kids

Rudolph, Nana And Papa

Bentleyville Tree And Lift Bridge

Bentleyville Ships

Mrs. Claus With The Boys

Mrs. Claus, Mike And Sophia

Mom And Sophia

Bentleyville Lights

The End

Day #3 – Say Goodbye to the Cities Sullivans – Say Hello to the Johnsons

Mike spent part of the morning deep-frying a turkey to take to my brother’s house.  After the Cities Sullivans left, we headed over the my brother’s for Thanksgiving with my side of the family.  We had a chance to see some nieces and nephews that we hadn’t seen in a while, including Adam and Ana who are expecting their first baby in April.  Congratulations to you both!

We were all pretty tired by the end of the day, but grateful that we had family and friends to share our Thanksgiving weekend with.


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