We revisited Bentleyville on Saturday so that the kids could see Santa and give him their Christmas lists.  Since we had already seen the lights, the reindeer and Frosty, we headed straight to Santa when the gates opened.  The lines had been so long when we went the first time.  We knew we had to make our way to Jolly Old St. Nick as quickly as possible.  There was a very short line and it took just a few minutes for the kids to have their moment with Santa. 

Visit With Santa

After posing with Santa for a few photos, the kids gave Santa’s helper their lists and were very excited to receive bags of cookies and Bentleyville hats.  

Bentleyville Hats
The Kids In Their New Hats With Noah & His Ark

I couldn’t help but stop and take a few pictures of the lights as we made our way to the end of the tour. 

Bentleyville Lights
More Bentleyville Lights

Before we left, we stopped for a bit of hot chocolate and cookies.  As we exited, I snapped this shot. 

Well Said

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