We still have leftover turkey from our Thanksgiving dinner.  Mike has been happily eating turkey sandwiches each day since Thursday.  Our 24 pound turkey may have been too much for him though.  He finally threw in the towel and heated up veggie burgers for a quick meal last night instead of turkey.  If Mike is eating a veggie burger, it may be time toss the rest of the turkey.  Or maybe I can disguise it in some soup?

Here are some highlights from our long Thanksgiving weekend. 

Wednesday – Sean, Melissa & the kids arrive in Duluth and head to the hotel water park.  Sebastian eagerly accepts an invitation to join them for an evening of swimming, games and pizza. 

Thursday – Turkey Day!  No pictures of the ginormous turkey, but a couple of table shots before the adults sat down for dinner. 

Thanksgiving Table
Thanksgiving Table (and Karen's plate)
The Kids Table
Even Daphne Gets Some Sweet Potatoes

Dinner was followed by a family football game, dessert and the Wii game Deal or No Deal. 

Friday – Skating and Bentleyville 

We rented ice time at the DECC and had the whole Arena to ourselves for a family skate.  We made the kids (and Tom) wear helmets, so that we could make it through the weekend without an emergency room visit.  The kids (and adults) had fun skating and hitting the puck around.  We even set up the goal and made some shots. 

Sophia and Jack
Sophia and Jack
Sean and Will
Mike - I think you missed the puck.
Sophia and Ella
Sophia & Ella
Karen, Tom, Max and Jack
Ella and Will
Duluth Sullivans
Cities Sullivans
Nana, Papa and the Grandkids

After skating, we headed back to the house for hors d’oeurves and a birthday celebration for Tom.  

Birthday Cake
Blow Out The Candles

And since we didn’t have enough fun yet, we drove down to Bayfront Park to see the Bentleyville Tour of Lights.  It was opening night and we heard later that up to 10,000 people attended that night.  The lines were a bit too long for Santa, but we all enjoyed seeing the reindeer, Frosty  and Mrs. Frosty, eating cookies and marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate and coffee.  Of course, I can’t forget all of the spectacular lights. 

Welcome To Bentleyville
Bentleyville and the Aerial Lift Bridge
More Bentleyville
Sebastian, Mary & Sophia (Looking A Bit Cold)
Mike and Sophia
Mary, Mike and Sophia (Minus Sebastian)
SS Bentleyville
Mike and (Frozen) Sophia with the Reindeer

After Bentleyville, we went back home to thaw out.  Everyone was tired from a busy day, especially Ella and Daphne… 

Ella and Daphne

Saturday – The Cities Sullivans head home.  Thanks for the great weekend!

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