We spent last weekend at my niece’s wedding in St. Cloud.  The weather was perfect (sunny and 63 degrees) and the wedding was absolutely beautiful.  Sophia was very excited about wearing her new dress.  Sebastian was not so excited about wearing dress pants, a white button down shirt and a tie.  I also made him get a haircut earlier in the week.  Let’s just say that I was not his favorite person last week.  I wish I would have taken photos of the wedding or even the reception site.  Kayla and Jason did an amazing job with planning every detail of their wedding day.  Since I am normally on the event planning side of weddings, it was nice just to sit back, relax and enjoy the evening.  I was also having a bit of camera/lens envy checking out the professional photographers that captured the whole event.  Luckily, Mike realized that I was looking at the cameras and lenses and not the two male photographers.

Here are a few photos I did take of Mike and the kids during the dance.

Father-Daughter Dance
Father-Daughter Dance II
Fast Dance
Acting Silly
Sebastian's Dance Moves
Sebastian's Dance Moves
Dancing With Aunt Dee Dee
Family Photo

Sebastian and Sophia both had a great time enjoying the food, music and dancing.  They also loved staying overnight at a hotel with a sleep number bed and swimming in the hotel pool the next morning.  I think all of that made up for having to wear dress clothes to Sebastian.

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