Halloween 2009

The kids both participated in the Halloween parade and classroom parties at school Friday.  Mike took his lunch hour to watch the parade and I took the day off to help in Sophia’s classroom with costumes and activities.  It was fun to see the kids’ excitement for the upcoming holiday.  Sophia was a cheerleader and Sebastian was Joe Mauer.

The Catcher

The Cheerleader

Sophia’s class made “spider” cupcakes, had popcorn with a Halloween movie, listened to a scary story and received a treat bag with candy and goodies.

Spider Cupcake

Time For A Trip To The Dentist

Class Photo

After school was over, we decided to carve our pumpkin.  Sophia and Sebastian both agreed on a bat this year.


We spent Halloween day with yard work, errands and getting ready for the evening.  Sebastian switched costumes for trick-or-treating.  He was going for a scary look.  Sophia stuck with her cheerleader costume.

Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast II

Sophia's Loot

Sebastian did some early trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with Sophia and Mike.  He went to his friend’s house afterwards for more trick-or-treating and a sleepover.  He ended up with about 5 times as much candy as Sophia.  I’m sure we will have enough to last us until next year!


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