Super Dog
Super Dog
Okay, so this really isn’t a Halloween costume.  Poor Daphne has such a sparse coat that it was recommended that we buy her some “clothes” for winter.  I’m not sure that I will be able to talk Mike into taking her out for walks in this.  Maybe just the morning walks that he does on weekdays at 5:45am – when it’s still dark outside.  For safety purposes, it does have a reflective strip on the back.  It’s the best of both worlds – warm and safe.
Super Dog
"Seriously, you bought me a sweater?"

 She looks as though she likes it, right?

Really, a sweater?
"Really, a sweater?"

We are now officially one of those people who dress up their dogs.  At least it’s not a sweater that is pink and frilly like Sophia wanted to buy for her.

One thought on “Daphne’s Halloween Costume

  1. Hi, Just looked at all the recent pictures and love the ones of Daphne with her “clothes.” Never did I think you would be buying clothes for a dog. She is pretty cute though.

    All the other pictures of the kids are great and really enjoy seeing them. Looking forward to Thanksgiving so we can take another family picture.


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