Sebastian & Chuck Foreman, originally uploaded by MSullivan Photography.

Sebastian had the opportunity to meet former MN Vikings player, Chuck Foreman, yesterday.  A local store is having a grand opening this week and is having sports figures sign autographs each day. Of course Mike was even more excited than Sebastian. He went through all of his old sports memorabilia to find an old football card of Chuck Foreman’s from 1975.  He found a second card that Mr. Foreman shared with OJ Simpson for their record-breaking seasons.  Mike decided that the Foreman/OJ combo may not be the most appropriate item to ask for an autograph on.  They opted for the 1975 football card and a Vikings hat and were able to get autographs on each one.  Sebastian brought his digital camera and Mike snapped a picture after waiting in line for 35 minutes.  Sebastian said that he didn’t mind the wait, it was definitely worth it!  Next up, former MN Twins player, Jack Morris, on Thursday.  Mike has already tracked down a t-shirt from the ’91 Twins with Jack Morris on it and Sebastian is planning to ask him if his arm got sore during 7th game of the World Series when he pitched 10 innings.

On a side note, Mike expressed his great disappointed in my knowledge of Chuck Foreman.  Apparently Mr. Foreman was a running back for the Vikings team, not a defensive player as I had thought.  My apologies to both Mike and Mr. Foreman.  I guess my memory as a four year old in 1975 is not a good as I had hoped.

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