RAIN/FREEZING RAIN/WIND – That is today’s forecast in Duluth.  I guess I should not have complained about yesterday’s windy weather.  When Sophia looked out the window this morning her response was, “Holy buckets”.  Rain was pouring down, the wind was blowing and the freezing rain we had overnight had glazed over the trees, power lines and cars.   She did see the positive side of things later in our ride to daycare.  She told me that she was very happy to see all of the rain because it helps the grass and flowers grow.  Yeah Sophia, me too…I guess.

I’m not sure how Sebastian felt about the rain.  His bus was 10 minutes late this morning.  He was pretty well soaked by the time it pulled up at his stop.  I always drive down to the bus stop with Sophia and wait until Sebastian’s bus comes before we head off to daycare.  I offered Sebastian a ride this morning, but he refused.  I think he is too cool at his age to get a ride (one block) with his Mom and sister. And as he waited in the rain and the wind, I offered him a warm, dry seat in the car.  Again, he refused.  I’m quite certain his stubbornness was only because he didn’t want to give up his first place spot in line for the bus.

This photo is for Sophia who could see the positive side of the miserable weather this morning.  I can hardly wait until this is what I see out my kitchen window.

March Showers Bring May Flowers...Or Something Like That
March Showers Bring May Flowers, Right?

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