Beautiful Weekend

It was a beautiful Minnesota weekend.  We enjoyed the outdoors with some recreational activities, a little yard work and sitting on the deck enjoying the view.

We have seen many, many blue jays in recent days. This one posed in our apple tree.

Blue Jay

My sunflower is quite spectacular with several blossoms.

Sunny Flowers
Sun Flair

Here’s the view from the trail during my bike ride along the Amity creek.

Amity Creek

Our neighborhood bear stopped to get a drink out of our backyard pool.  He left the inflatable ring deflated.  His claws tore through the cover and made a puncture through the pool.  Luckily the pool water stayed put and Mike was able to patch it.

Bear Evidence
Big Foot

The leaves are just beginning to change color.  Photos of the autumn hues will be coming in the weeks ahead.

Busy Bees

I think I’ve become obsessed with the bees.

Furry Bee
Beautiful Bee
Brilliant Bee
Pollinating Bee

While I was watching the bees, Sophia had her eye on a dragonfly.

Trying To Catch A Dragonfly

He decided to make a stop on my tomato plant.

Perfect Landing

Sophia and I both enjoyed a very warm late summer day watching the bees and the dragonflies.