Meet The Robin(sons)

Once upon a time, in a fuchsia plant outside my dining room window, there was a family of robins.

There was a father robin.

Mr. Robinson (aka Dad)

And a mother robin.

Mrs. Robinson (aka Mom)

And a nest with eggs.

Soon To Be Robin-Sons (and Daughters)

Within two weeks, there were baby robins.

One Hungry Baby, One Exhausted Baby, Two Eggs
Three Babies, One Egg
Three Sleeping Babies, One Hidden Baby
Four Sleeping Babies
Four Hungry Babies
Four Hungry Babies,  One Busy Mom
One Busy Dad With Food For The Family
Two Busy Parents With Food For The Family

Soon they were all grown up.

One Really Hungry Family
One Bright-Eyed Baby
One Curious Baby
Three Curious Babies
One Baby Ready To Leave The Nest
One Baby Who Left The Nest
Another Baby Who Left The Nest
One Baby Ready To Fly
Same Baby Close Up
Bye, Bye, Baby

They all left the nest and lived happily ever after.