On The Edge

We made an impromptu road trip up the North Shore of Lake Superior last Saturday.  It was Sebastian’s birthday and he wanted to keep things low-key.  We made our way past Two Harbors, Gooseberry Falls and Castle Danger and brought the kids to Palisade Head.  It is a favorite place to go for incredible views of the lake and 200-300 foot cliffs above the water’s surface.  The cliffs without railings paired with gusty high winds made it a bit nerve-wracking for Mike who is not a fan of heights.

At The Top
On The Edge
Long Way Down
In The Distance | Little Palisade
The Overlook
Group Photo
Split Rock
Cliff Jumping
Hanging On Near The Edge
Birthday Boy
On The Forest Floor
Palisade Head

We made a stop in Silver Bay on the way home.  High waves were crashing along the lake shore and we found the perfect place to watch it happen and feel the spray of the water as the waves hit the rocky shoreline.  I will post those photos this weekend. Check back!