Gales Of April

It started with high winds yesterday. Lake Superior was incredible. Photos below. Heavy snow came today. I didn’t take any photos of the snow. It’s the middle of April. No one wants to see snow.  NO ONE.

Here are a couple of images of what the area looks like on an ordinary day just to give you an idea of how angry the lake was.

Brighton Beach was another great place to watch the waves roll in.

The snow is still coming down. Probably just under a foot of snow before it’s all done. School is already canceled for tomorrow.  The kids are happy.  Me…not so much.  Time to dig out.

Spring At Last

The high temperature was 61 degrees today.  The snow is melting, the birds are singing and spring is finally here!  To celebrate the day’s warmth and Sophia’s second piano recital performance, we stopped by Dairy Queen to enjoy some ice cream treats.  We ventured over to Canal Park to view Lake Superior at dusk.

Dusk At The Lighthouse
Piano Player
Balancing Act

Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and 69 degrees.  Spring has sprung!