A Walk In The Park

After a long work week, we kicked off last weekend by heading down to the lake.  We visited the Rose Garden and Lakewalk. Sophia brought her roller blades and Sebastian brought his longboard.

Rose Garden With Lake View
Pink Roses
On The Lakewalk
Off They Go
Along The Way
On The Rocks
Skipping Rocks
Looking For The Perfect Rock
Taking Photos
Taking A Picture Of Another Picture Taker
Making A Splash
Sprinkled In Sand
Water On Rocks
Outgoing Ship
Jet Skiers
Ship And Sail
Outgoing And Incoming
Getting Late
Super Night For Superman

Movies in the Park was just getting started when we were leaving.  Someday we will have to stay and watch a movie in the park.  Instead we made our way back to our car having already enjoyed the wonderful evening.  It was a beautiful night for a walk in the park.


It doesn’t look much like spring around here, but we decided to venture out to the lakewalk  to have some outdoor fun anyway.  Sebastian received a longboard (skateboard) for Christmas and has had little opportunity to use it.  We packed up the longboard and Sophia’s old scooter and headed out for some fresh air.

Spring On The Lakewalk

Along the way, we saw four deer grazing on small saplings along a hillside.

Small Herd Of Deer

Here’s to warmer days ahead!