Walk In The Woods

Mike and I piled on the Fitbit steps last weekend by hiking some of the local trails. The fall colors were vibrant and the air crisp. We started the weekend by enjoying the stars and full moon on Friday.

A couple of photos in the backyard before we ventured out on Saturday.

We left our neighborhood, walked through the woods, past a pond and ended up on the Lake Superior Hiking Trail.

The next day we hiked in Hartley Park.

“Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.”
~Albert Camus

Recent Days

My old laptop has finally been retired.  Editing images had become an extremely tedious and painful process.  The hard drive was near capacity, RAM seemed to be nonexistent, right-clicking made for a circling mouse cursor that lasted up to a minute.  The new laptop is sleek, beautiful and unbelievably fast.  Oh, how I love viewing and editing photos on a high resolution monitor.  Life is good.

I still have a number of images to go through from earlier in October, but here are some from recent days.

This beautiful sunrise was enjoyed prior to a very wet and dreary day.  At least we had the morning.


A favorite to photograph, our neighbor’s lovely ornamental grass basking in the early evening sunlight.

Glorious Grass

I saved these pretty little cosmos from a more than a few evenings of frost.  They have shown their gratitude by continuing to bloom.  These are the first white blossoms I’ve seen this year.

Late Bloomer

A sunny day with highs in the mid-5o’s brought out the last honey bee of the season.  I don’t expect to see any more until spring.

Last Honey Bee Of The Season

Daphne enjoyed some late afternoon sun and posed for a few photos.  It helped that I held one of her favorite tennis balls in my left hand.  She was very captivated.

Brown-Eyed Girl

She was very patient, but then she started looking at me like this.  Way too serious.


I treated her to some fetch when the photo shoot was over.


I’m quite certain that she felt it was worth the wait.

Fall Foliage

The fall colors continue to amaze me.

Autumn Leaves

Sophia helped me with some quick test shots as I scouted out a location to take senior photos for our friend’s niece.

Test Shots

Here are some of our favorite shots from the senior photo session.

Senior Photos

Sebastian usually tries to avoid being in my photos, but he paused from shooting hoops in the driveway long enough for me to take a picture of him with Daphne.

Sebastian & Daphne

I’m so glad he agreed to the shot.  🙂