Boreal Owl

We had an unusual visitor to our backyard this morning.  I noticed something odd in the old crab apple tree shortly after I got up.  Just yesterday my Mom gave me two sets of my Dad’s binoculars.  I took out a pair and saw this guy ten feet up in the tree.  I did a bit of Google searching and the best match I can come up with is a Boreal Owl.  Although some of the pictures make him look rather large, he was only nine or ten inches tall.  I tried my best to get him to open his eyes all the way, but to no avail.  He finally got tired of me taking pictures and saying “Hoo, hoo” to him and he flew off.

Surprise Visitor
Sleeping Beauty
Catching Some Z’s
Looking The Other Way
From Below
All Tucked In
Still Resting
Hanging On
Got My Eyes On You

There were several chickadees around too.  I couldn’t help but take a picture of one of them.


The surprise visit was a great way to start our Sunday morning.