Sophia and I enjoyed the last weekend of “official” summer with a walk/bike ride.  We brought Daphne with so that she could enjoy the warm weather too.  The forecast of 71 degrees happened early in the day.  It cooled off later in the afternoon and then the rain began during the evening.  We spent an hour or so enjoying the weather, picking up fall leaves, acorns and other items for Sophia’s craft project.  We also enjoyed seeing some of the local wildlife.  No bears this day, thank goodness!

The first of the wildlife was a pair if deer in a yard about a half a mile from our house.  This doe was rather curious and watched us for a while before bounding off into the trees.

Oh Deer!

We saw a group of ducks including some nearly full-grown ducklings.  The colorful feathers on their heads had not filled in yet.

Watching And Waiting
Water Fowl

We also saw this heron standing completely still in the pond.

Long-Legged Bird
Standing Still

When the bird had enough of our picture-taking, he/she flew off.

Fly Away

When we went around to the second pond, we saw him/her again.

Mirror Image

The geese spotted us and made their way over across the pond looking for hand outs.  We forgot to bring food with, so they lost interest after a while.

Snow White

Along the road on the way out Sophia stopped for a quick picture.


We noticed that some of the branches on the trees were sporting fall hues.


Today’s weather is cold, windy and rainy.  We are glad that we got out yesterday to enjoy the last few hours of warmth.

Bike Ride

Last Saturday we loaded our bikes on our bike trailer and headed down to the Lakewalk for an afternoon ride. We stopped along the way to enjoy the rocky lake shore. I brought our old point-and-shoot along just in case we wanted to pretend we were tourists. As you can see below, we blended right in. I couldn’t help but take pictures on such a beautiful day.

Ship And Sail
Lighthouse And Pier
Rocky Shore
Sky Blue
Boats, Birds, Beach
The Scavengers
The Big Ship
Big Rock
Top Of The World
Mike, Sebastian And Sophia
Mary, Sebastian And Sophia

After a nice ride back to our vehicle, we were ready to head home and make dinner. We ran into a problem putting the bikes on the trailer because of a missing pin. Without it, the bike trailer wouldn’t stay attached to the hitch. It must have fallen on the ground when we were taking our bikes off the trailer and someone took it. Luckily we had our bike locks with us and were able to lock three of our four bikes to a post. We threw Sophia’s in the back of our vehicle along with our bike trailer. Mike dropped me and the kids off at home, emptied out the back of our vehicle and headed back down to the Lakewalk to see if he could fit all three of the remaining bikes in one trip. I was doubtful, but I guess our vehicle is bigger than I thought because he was able to make it back with all three. Dinner was delayed a bit, but we did finally sit down to nicely grilled steaks before 8 o’clock. After the kids went to bed, my brother stopped by. He had received a phone call from me during our dilemma on the Lakewalk looking for a spare pin. He had been out running errands before he stopped by and made a special trip to Menard’s to pick up a new pin for us. He guessed on the size and it was a perfect fit! Thanks John – you rock!!

We’re back in business and ready for our next ride.