-34 Degrees + Lake Superior + Wind = Ice

Mike’s drive to work on Thursday morning was -34 degrees.  It may have warmed up a few degrees when I left 45 minutes later, but my car’s thermometer only goes as low as -22.  I didn’t know that until this year.  I guess Nissan doesn’t think it gets colder than that.  Well, it does.  It was brutally cold this week and the wind made it even more miserable.  School was canceled for three days.  That. Never. Happens. In. Minnesota.

It had warmed up to a balmy -15 by sunset on Thursday.  Mike and I stopped by a few places along the shore of Lake Superior to check out the ice.  Mike viewed it from the warmth of his Jeep.  I ventured out to take photos.  It was nice of him to keep the vehicle warm for me.


By Friday, temperatures were above zero.  That’s when I saw people ice fishing on the big lake near Canal Park.  I chose to take photos safely from shore.

Spring is just around the corner…right?

When Life Gives You 20 Below…

The kids had the day off from school today for semester break.  Mike took the day off so that they could go skiing.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate.  The overnight low was -24 degrees and when Sebastian rolled out of bed at 9:45am it was still about 20 below zero.  Needless to say, the skiing plans were canceled.  So what do you do when it’s 20 below outside?  You do a little science experiment – take a cup of boiling water, throw it up in the air outside and watch the water/steam form into ice crystals midair.

Mike and the kids did venture out of the house for the afternoon – lunch at Subway, a little book shopping at Barnes and Noble.  They picked up a Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner and a movie to watch afterwards.  Overall, a good day off from school (and work) despite the cold.