The Beach

Our week in Florida was spent taking walks along Ft. Myers Beach, biking and watching dolphins on Sanibel Island, kayaking at Lovers Key State Park and seeing a manatee, looking for shells along the shoreline, attending a MN Twins baseball spring training game, visiting with Mike’s parents, swimming in our pool and enjoying family time.  Here are the photos.


Riding the waves

Fun and games


Walking along the shore

Sun rays




More birds

Twins baseball

Lens envy


Thank you Florida!  Let’s do it again next year!!

Park Point Beach

The Beach


One of my summer bucket list items was to spend a day at Park Point Beach.  This past Sunday, we grabbed our swimsuits and towels, slathered on the sunscreen, packed a picnic lunch and headed to the beach.  The day was very warm with a few passing clouds.  There was a threat for isolated thunderstorms, but we checked the radar before we left the house and decided to take our chances.  We ended up having a perfect beach day.  No rain, lots of sun and a very light breeze.

*All photos were taken with my old Panasonic DMC-FZ8.  Mike recommended leaving my Canon DSLR at home to avoid potential damage from the sand.  Definitely good advice as we had sand on and in everything when we got home.

The kids wasted no time in getting started on building sand creations.

Team Effort
Sebastian The Builder
Bigger And Better
Buried In His Work
Super Star
Goggle Girl
Race To The Beach
The Girls
Beach Goers


Here are few pictures of the beach, grass, water and sky with a little Photoshop magic applied.

Sand And Sky
More Sand And Sky
Sand, Surf And Sky
City, Sand, Surf And Sky
Beach Grass


And here’s the same Photoshop application applied to the picture of Sebastian and Sophia working together on their sand creation.

Creative Kids


For the first time ever, Duluth has had 25 days during the month of July that have been in the 80’s (or 90’s).  If August is anything like July, we may have to head back to Park Point Beach.