Winter Sunrise

Winter can be long and cold in Minnesota.  Blizzards and subzero weather make it difficult to get outside.  The days are short.  Sunrise is just before 8am and sunset is at 4:30pm.   I do have to admit that the big snowstorms we’ve had lately and  the late sunrises have made for some great photography.  This past week was exceptional

January 3

January 4

Another snowstorm is scheduled for tonight into tomorrow morning.  Looks like I will have more photographic opportunities

Snow Storm

Over a foot of snow fell this week.  On Thursday evening, our street was covered in white along with the branches hanging heavily over the roadway.

The next day, the trees were still covered and our yard looked like a scene out of a story book.

The temperatures dropped and yesterday’s daytime high was in the single digits.  Despite the frigid weather, I ventured out on a 3 mile walk around our neighborhood just before sunset.

Cold, but happy, I returned home to warm up and relish in the beauty in our frigid city.

Elf On The Shelf 2018, Part II

Day 19 | Handing out kisses from the kissing booth

Day 20 | Listening to Christmas music with his new AirPods

Day 21 |  Traditional Friday Pizza night.

Day 22 | Familiar looking face in the candy dish.

Day 23 | Ugly Christmas sweater party.

Day 24 | Hopping a train ride to the North Pole.

See you again next year on December 1.  Merry Christmas!
Buddy the Elf