Dear Sophia,

I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.  I enjoyed spending time with you celebrating your twelfth birthday.  Your Dad and I are very proud of you and so glad you came into our lives twelve years ago.

Here is a quick recap of your big day:

Morning – A little quality time with Daphne.  A bowl of sugary cereal that I only allow you to eat once or twice a year.  A visit from your Aunt Dee Dee and a phone call from Nana and Papa.

Afternoon – A quick lunch at home with Dad, a trip to the mall with your BFF, opening presents and a few karaoke songs with Dad using one of your new gifts.

Evening – Dinner at a restaurant.  Appetizer – cheese curds.  Entree – grilled salmon. Free birthday dessert – a huge sundae (to-go).   Birthday cake and singing at home.  We even enjoyed Sebastian’s baseball game via Game Changer.  We weren’t there in person, but could see live updates via an app.  He helped his team to a victory with his pitching and hitting in honor of your birthday.




5 thoughts on “T W E L V E

  1. Thx mom! This is super nice! I had a really fun day! Thx for taking the day off to bring Anna and me to the mall! Love ya😘


  2. Sounds like Sophia had a wonderful birthday! Happy Birthday, Sophia. HAve a great year and before you know it you will be teenager!

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