Happy 15th Birthday Sebastian!  Here is your top 15 list for your 15th birthday.

15. You are a licensed driver…of boats.

14. You are almost licensed to drive cars.  A driving permit is in the works.

13. You had perfect attendance in school last year.

12. You had a 4.0 GPA in 8th grade and you are working on that for 9th grade.  Honors English and Geometry will give you a challenge, but we know you can do it.

11. You played baseball on the High School Freshman team this past Spring as an 8th grader.

10. You are officially a Freshman in High School.

9. You have grown close to 4 inches in the past year and far exceed your Mom in height.  Watch out Mike!

8. You no longer fit in youth clothing.  You now have to wear men’s clothing and shoes.

7. You have been earning your own spending money by caddying, mowing lawns and snow blowing.

6. You can pitch faster, hit farther and have more endurance biking than your Dad.

5. Your math skills exceed your Mom’s.

4. You stay away from sweets, but can be tempted by Dark Chocolate Milky Way bars.

3. Your favorite thing to do on vacation is drive the boat.

2. You don’t mind going to the very top of the ladder to paint the upper level of the shed.

1. You are an awesome son, brother, nephew, grandson and friend.

Licensed Driver
A Need For Speed

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y !

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