This young buck was enjoying a salad buffet of various hostas and other greens this morning.  He kept a close eye on me while I was taking photos and then bounded off when I was too close for comfort.

Young Buck
Finishing His Salad
Off He Goes

We have had plenty of rain so far this year.  There are several different plants blooming in the yard including some that I consider weeds.

Purple Flowering Weed (Damesrocket)
Blue Flowering Weed (Forget Me Not)
Forget Me Not

The irises still have many buds yet to bloom, but have given us a week and a half of blossoms already.

Irises In Bloom
Flowering Chives

The azalea was beautiful this year.  Last year it suffered some damage from the deer.  I sprayed deer repellent on it early in the spring and didn’t notice any buds eaten.


We have had way too many days of cool temperatures and fog off of Lake Superior.  While the rest of the state is in the 70’s and 80’s, we have been in the 50’s.  Not great for the garden.  Now that it is officially summer, I am hopeful that warmer weather will be here soon.  I think I may have said that same thing when spring arrived, didn’t I?


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