Last July my nephew Adam married his high school sweetheart.  Adam was only  two years old when I moved to the “big city” and lived in his parents’ basement while I attended college.  I lived there during my freshman and sophomore years.  Adam’s brother, Alex, was only three weeks old when I moved in.  I’m not sure why my sister and brother-in-law wanted to add an 18 year college student to the mix, but thankfully they did.  The basement rental included my own separate entrance, a large living space, a built-in desk and my own bathroom.  My sister and her husband gave me a sweet deal – only $50 in rent to cover utilities.  Part of the agreement was that I would help with babysitting and cleaning.  Thanks to their accommodations, I was able to pay my own way through college.  It seems strange now to see my nephews all grown up.  Adam started law school this past fall and his new wife started her teaching career.  My nephew Alex has his own house and a girlfriend.  Time has gone by so quickly.  

I finally went through the photos I took during Adam and Ana’s wedding.  Better late than never.  Here is a sampling of their beautiful day.  

The Ceremony I
The Ceremony II
The Ceremony III
The Ceremony IV
Waiting For The Cake To Be Cut
Crowd Of Girls (and Adam) Around The Cake Table
The Dance I
The Dance II
The Dance III
The Dance IV
The Dance V
The Dance VI
The Dance VII

 My own little wedding guests…

Dancing Machine
Party Animal

My roommates for two years (all grown up)…

Family Photo

The happy couple…


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