The four of us ventured out both Saturday and Sunday to the ski hill.  We used our free Mount Du Lac ski passes on Saturday.  The weather was perfect,  ski conditions were ideal and the hill was not crowded.  We spent about four hours skiing (and snacking – the kids got hungry).  Mike spent most of his time working with Sophia, but did have a chance to go down the black diamond hill with Sebastian a few times.  Mike was preparing for his ski trip with his Dad and brother next month, while Sebastian was practicing for the Chester Bowl ski races the next day.  Sebastian also worked with me practicing his race moves.  He gave me a (big) head start.  He beat me most of the time despite the lead.

We were lucky enough to run into friends that were also skiing with their kids.  They took this snapshot of us at the top of the hill.  Thanks Kim & Kyle!

Mount Du Lac
All of the skiing Saturday paid off for the kids.  Both Sebastian and Sophia had their best times yet at the ski races on Sunday.  Sebastian finished 3rd in his division, only 1/100th of second behind the 2nd place winner.  Sophia shaved off several seconds from her previous races.  Way to go!!
I took  short video clips of the kids during the races and uploaded them to our Flickr site.  Just click on their names to open the Flickr video page.
Here is Sophia.
Here is Sebastian.

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