The kids participated in the Chester Bowl Ski Races this past Sunday.  Sebastian is an old pro in the competition after racing for the past three seasons.  Sophia, however, is brand new to the races.  The races consist of two runs down the ski hill.  Skiers are divided into sections by age and gender.  Sophia competed in the 5 and under girls, Sebastian in the 8-9 year old boys.  We arrived to the hill a bit early so that Sophia could take trial runs down both the blue and red course.  She was a bit nervous earlier in the day, but knowing that treats and a trophy were in store for all participants helped encourage her to race.  Single digit highs and sub-zero wind chills didn’t discourage the racers.  There were over 100 kids signed up to compete.  Sophia’s group was first up.
First Race
Nearing The Finish
First Race Complete

Sebastian had to wait a while, but he was ready to go when it was his turn. 

Speedy Sebastian
Nearing The Finish
One Down, One To Go

Both Sophia and Sebastian did a great job.  Sophia finished her second run in 7 seconds less than her first.  Sebastian finished second in his division.  We were very proud. 

Sophia's Race Board
Sebastian's Race Board

The kids were prepared for the cold, as seen by the photos below. 

All Geared Up
Smile For The Camera

 The kids posed for a couple more quick snap shots once trophies were handed out. 

2nd Place

2 thoughts on “Chester Bowl Ski Races

  1. this site is so great. the pictures of the kids are so special and it is fun to see what they are doing. Papa and I are just so excited to think that because they both ski so well, they will be in the Olympics some day.
    thanks for the Valentine’s picture card. I love it and I am looking at again and again right by my computer. Take care and see you soon.
    Love, Nana and Papa


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