Four years ago, Mike and Sebastian were inspired by the Winter Olympics and built a “bobsled/luge” course in our backyard.  Of course it was on a much, much, much smaller scale.  Sebastian was only 5 years old at the time, so it seemed quite grand to him.  The “bobsled” course has been an annual tradition since then.  Each year Mike has a new idea to perfect the course, make it longer or faster.  Despite the unusual snow/ice/freezing rain storm we had at Christmas time, he worked all of New Year’s Day to make it better than the year before.  With new sleds from Santa, I think the course is better than ever.  The kids agree.   I had to put my camera in sports mode to capture these shots.  They were moving pretty fast.

Air-Borne, Part II
We Have Lift Off
One More Time

The jump that the kids are going over in the above photos is actually my vegetable garden.  We built the garden on to the hillside with concrete blocks.  Once it is covered with snow, it makes a great jump.  I’m thinking it might be a good idea for the kids to wear ski helmets.  What do you think?

The kids did take a break to let me take some additional photos.

Rosie Cheeks
Winter Fun
Sophia With Her New Sled
Taking A Break From Sledding & Snow Fort Building
Sebastian & Sophia

Daphne even came outside to join in the fun.  She did too much damage on the bobsled course, so we had to engage her in a game of fetch instead.

Daphne & Her Tennis Ball

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