This photo taken last night at Sophia’s last soccer game of the season.  We brought Daphne with us to the game.  Sophia was more excited when she was on the sidelines playing with Daphne than when she was out on the field playing the game.  This photo was taken during one of the few moments that she was watching her teammates on the field rather than playing with her new dog. 🙂
Serious - Photoshop Action "Soft & Faded"

This second photo was taken at Sebastian’s first flag football game of the season this past Tuesday night.  The wind had picked up off the lake and it was freezing.  I think Sophia told us that she was cold about 40 times.  I promised her that we would bring hot chocolate to the next game.  That seemed to do the trick.

Smile - 9.15.09
Smile - Photoshop Action "Seventies"

Here is a short Sebastian “Jared Allen” highlight from his first game.  Sebastian is in the white pants and yellow shirt rushing the QB. 

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