Mike burned a CD for Sebastian that we have been listening to all summer long on our morning car rides to Cindy’s house.  There is a mix of Kids Bop, Crazy Frog and some oldies including a little bit of Queen and Survivor.  One of the kids’ favorites is “We Are The Champions.”  Both Sebastian and Sophia know all the words and sing very loudly along the drive.  I don’t mind.  As long as they are singing, they can’t be fighting.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Speaking of “We Are The Champions”, this is the first time in 14 seasons of volleyball that our team finished in 1st place!  We have finished 2nd or 3rd before, but never 1st.  Even though we were competing in the co-ed rec division, I think we are all still amazed.  This win comes none too soon.  We have four players turning 40 this year (not me) and Mike is already over 40.  It was now or never for us.

Mike P. had  our waitress snap this photo after our victory.

2009 Volleyball Champions
2009 Volleyball Champions

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