With cold temperatures and rain, we found ourselves hanging out in the basement tonight after dinner.  Sebastian started playing computer games and Sophia played with toys.  I decided to play a few songs of Guitar Hero.  Soon both kids left what they were doing and started dancing to Blondie, Pat Benatar, Smashing Pumpkins, Linkin Park and Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell.  As I played more songs, the kids got wilder and wilder with their dance moves adding kicks, twists and twirls.  Sophia even danced with her “ballet” moves.  She was pretty cute.  I wish I could have caught them on video or even snapped a picture, but I was too busy rocking out.  At the same time, it was probably best that I didn’t.  Sebastian declared that he was too hot from dancing and took off his shirt to cool off.  Because Sophia has to do everything her older brother does, she did the same.  Instead of my pretty little ballet dancer, she looked like a Vegas showgirl.  It was time for me to hang up the guitar for the night.

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