Double Feature

Sebastian and Sophia both had school programs on Thursday afternoon last week.  Sebastian had a classroom play at 1:45pm and Sophia had her preschool graduation at 2:00pm.  Mike and I decided to split up so that each child would have a parent in attendance.  I headed to Congdon to see Sebastian and Mike headed to Kinder Korner to see Sophia.  We each brought a video camera so that we could share the kids big moments later.  Sebastian was a burglar in his play.  His costume consisted of a black shirt and pants and a black hat.  They were asked to not wear anything on their faces that would obstruct their eyesight.  It was very low-budget. 🙂 The play was a musical with narration.  The kids had fun showing off their singing and acting talents.  It was short, but very cute. 



The play was done by 2:15pm, so I decided to head across town to see if I could catch part of Sophia’s graduation.  I made it in time to see the last three songs and watch her go on stage to receive her “diploma”.  They had also done a short skit and more singing before I got there.  There was a reception afterward complete with cupcakes and punch to finish off a fantastic preschool year.  The whole experience helped her meet new friends and try many new things.

Sophia and Alexander

Sophia and Alexander

Sophia & Her Proud Parents

Sophia & Her Proud Parents

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