We spent a quiet Mother’s Day at home yesterday.  The kids spent Saturday preparing for Mother’s Day by whispering to each other and Mike about their plans.  I was told “do not look in Sebastian’s closet”.  I wasn’t quite sure what was hidden in there, but I knew I did not want to get caught opening his closet door even if I was only looking for dirty clothes from his laundry hamper.  In the pictures below you can see the giant card that was hiding in his closet.

Giant Mothers Day Card
Giant Mother's Day Card

Before any showering or changing out of pajamas could take place, the kids brought me gifts and cards.  I think they may have been more excited than me. 

Kids, Cards and Gifts
Kids, Cards and Gifts
Silly Kids, Cards and Gifts
Silly Kids, Cards and Gifts

We were lucky to have great weather and spent a good deal of time outside working on the yard and gardens.  Mike fixed the flat tire on Sophia’s bike so that we could head down to the Lakewalk.  The kids rode their bikes and Mike and I walked – or “power walked” as Mike calls it.

Although Mike and I were not able to spend the day with our mothers, we each called our Moms in the morning.  I’m amazed that my Mom (Mary Rose) could raise eight kids and still retain her sanity.  We grew our own vegetables in the garden and my Mom made a lot of our clothes when we were young.  I can’t imagine that she ever slept.  Mike’s Mom (Karen) raised two amazing boys.  With some of the crazy childhood stories that Mike has told me over the years, I’m quite amazed by Karen too –  especially her patience. 🙂

Marys Mom & Dad in the 1950s
Mary's Mom & Dad - 1950's
Mikes Mom and Dad (with Mike) in the 1960s
Mike's Mom and Dad (with Mike) - 1967

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