We spent last Friday evening at the Home and Builders Show at the DECC.  We picked up the usual stuff – brochures, flyers, business cards…and three goldfish.  A seamless gutter exhibitor was showing how well his product works by putting water and goldfish in the gutter.  No leaks.  The kids were able to pick out their own fish to take home.  When they scooped up Sophia’s fish, they accidentally netted two.  The exhibitor was kind enough to let her keep both fish.  The three fish were carried around in a Ziploc bag for the next two hours.  They viewed windows, doors, patios, lawn mowers and even made their way to the Home Show Cafe and had a bite to eat with us.  Next, they stopped by my office to pick up coats and headed out to the car.  Once home, we set them up in a large glass bowl.  After  two days, we noticed that they were spending all of their time at the top of the bowl gulping for air.  We made the decision to move them into the large fish tank with our BIG goldfish.  We hoped for the best since our BIG fish could easily swallow any of them in one bite.  The move seemed to be going well until yesterday when I noticed this guy back at the top of the tank gulping for air again.

Littlest Fish
Littlest Fish - R.I.P.


This morning when the kids woke up, I checked the tank and the little fish was stuck to the bubbler tube.  I unplugged the bubbler and his lifeless fish body dropped to the bottom.  I knew what I had to do.  It was time for a fish funeral.  I let the kids know what had happened and asked if they would like to participate in his service – it had to be quick because I had to get them to daycare (Sebastian is on school break this week) and myself to work.  We brought the fish into the bathroom and Sebastian said a prayer that he learned recently for First Communion preparation.  I did a quick Our Father and we said our goodbyes to the fish whose life was cut too short.  I expected some tears or a number of questions, but instead they headed back to the kitchen to finish breakfast and watch a little TV before we had to leave.  I guess they are a lot stronger than I thought.


Here is the little guy with the BIG fish before his demise.

Big Fish & Littlest Fish
Big Fish & Littlest Fish


Here are the other two little fish that are holding their own.

Little Fish
Little Fish


And here they are with BIG fish.

BIG & Little Fish
BIG & Little Fish

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