On The Road To Recovery

Daphne visited the vet on Thursday.  After a quick exam that included a check of her temperature and a fine needle aspiration of one of her lymph nodes, the vet determined that she does not have an infection.  All we know is that something triggered her immune system to go into overdrive.  She is a dog with a very “reactive” immune system.  The vet put her back on prednisone – twice a day for three days.  Over the next few weeks her dose will continue to be tapered off.  Our hope is to get her down to one half a tablet every other day.  If we can’t keep her healthy at a low dose or wean her off completely, our next step is to try a drug called Atopica.  It has fewer side effects, but will cost significantly more than prednisone.  After just a day of prednisone, she was acting like her old self yesterday.  The kids played with her in the backyard and were tired out before she was.

Feeling Better
Feeling Energetic
Feeling Playful
Feeling Friendly
Feeling Loved
Feeling Healthy

Here’s to a healthy fall.  Fingers crossed!