And We Shall Call Her Frankendog

Daphne had a quick procedure this morning to remove a tumor/growth on her forehead.  She did very well and was more bothered by the noise from the clippers as they removed her fur.  She didn’t flinch when they gave her shots of ladocaine to numb the area.  She didn’t even mind the actual procedure except that she had to remain pinned on her side.  I was able to be with her through the whole thing and it seemed to help keep her calm.  The tumor will be sent out for pathology and we will know in a week if it is anything serious.  In the meantime she is all set for Halloween with shiny new staples in her head that will remain there for the next ten days.  I have lovingly been calling her Frankendog.  Perhaps next year we can just buy her a costume, it would’ve been much less expensive.

Resting Comforably At Home
All Tuckered Out