Aurora Borealis, Round Two

I learned a few things from my first experience with the northern lights.  Lucky for me, I was able to view them many miles from the nearest city the very next evening.  There were fewer clouds and I was better prepared with my camera gear.  The lights weren’t as intense as I had hoped, but still worth the wait in the dark.

aurora-blog (8)

In order to have an open view to the north, Mike and I left the cabin that faces south and walked down a dirt road in the darkness to a small pond. We watched the northern lights together, but after they began to fade, he decided to walk back to the cabin and get some sleep.  I opted to wait and see if they would pick up again.  After several minutes, I heard a huge “kersplash” in the pond next to me.  It was followed by another large splash.  As amazing as the aurora was, I quickly gathered my equipment and walked briskly back to the cabin.  Perhaps just deer in the pond?  I will never know and it may be best to keep it that way.


I have never photographed the aurora borealis (northern lights) before, but gave it a shot last night.  It was after 10pm and I headed to a location 10 minutes from our house.  There were too many clouds, too many trees, too much light from the city and a too many cars driving by, but this is what I ended up with.  For my next attempt I will be a bit more prepared and hopefully in a remote location.