Road Trip

Sebastian and I took a quick road trip to visit my Mom and to pick raspberries on Friday.  In addition to gathering raspberries, we did some hiking  and made our way out to the old white pine tree and the furthest hay fields.  We picked up some scratches, bug bites and a wood tick along the way, but it was totally worth it.

Change Of Scenery

We took a road trip out to visit my Mom on Saturday.  We had a nice afternoon – attended church service, had dinner and visited.  There was also time for Sebastian and Mike to tackle lawn mowing and trimming while Sophia and I ventured out to take photos.  It was a nice change of scenery from our backyard.

Lovely Lupines
Photobomb Bee
Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly
Vibrant Orange Poppy
Baby Blue
Pretty Purple
Wide Open Spaces
Getting The Perfect Shot
The Old Barn & Silo
Just Before Dark
Night Sky