The Backyard

My brother cut down three pine trees and a birch from our backyard today.  We now have plenty of fireplace wood.  The trees had all died and needed to be removed, but it was sad to see them go.  Despite the loss, there is still a lot growing and blooming in our backyard. Oh yeah, there’s also plenty of wildlife including the chipmunk below (trying to get to the bird feeder hanging from the shepherd’s hook) and the deer that ate all but one of my lily blossoms.  I don’t have proof – no photographic evidence, but I know it was them.

Balancing Act

Notice the nibbled stem on the right of the photo.  I hope the deer enjoyed it!

The One And Only
Cosmos Bud
Cosmos Blossom

We have been picking peas, beans, lettuce and tomatoes from the garden.  We also have peppers that are ripe.  So far the deer haven’t jumped the fence.  I think they have filled up on my hosta plants instead, with a side of lily blossoms for dessert.