Elf On The Shelf 2017, Part 1

Buddy the Elf made a return appearance this year.  We spotted him on December 1 peering through the shed window looking very sad.  We decided that we needed to let him back into the house for another year.  Here we go…

Day 1 | Looking lonely.

Day 2 | Snack time.

Day 3 | S is for Sullivan.

Day 4 | Elf by candlelight.

Day 5 | Atop the yule log gazing at the Christmas lights.

Day 6 | What time is it?

Day 7 | Taking the dog for a walk.

Day 8 | Table tennis, anyone?

Day 9 | Rainbow block tower.

Day 10 | Dipping into the candy jar.

Day 11 | Mmm, mmm, good. Chicken noodle soup.

Day 12 | Playing fetch with the dog.

Day 13 | Sharing hot cocoa with a friend.

Day 14 | Picture perfect portrait.

Day 15 | Reading an autobiography with Santa (and Titus the photobomber).

Day 16 | Will work for candy.

Day 17 | Anniversary flowers and congratulations.


The Return of Elf on the Shelf, Part II

Day 9 | Flying High
Buddy and his friend, Sock Monkey, set up a zip line for day nine.

Day 10 | Buddy The Baker
Buddy offered his baking skills to make cookies for the reception following Sophia’s piano recital on day ten.

Day 11 | Holiday Greetings
Time to mail the holiday cards.  Buddy showed up with his giant pencil ready to sign off on each card on day eleven.

Day 12 | Sugar Buzz
Buddy found the stash of peppermint patties and was caught red-handed on day twelve.

Day 13 | Tree Topper
Buddy filled in as the angel on top of the tree for day thirteen.

Day 14 | Snow Angel
The subzero temperatures kept Buddy inside on day fourteen as he found a creative way to make a snow angel.

Day 15 | Tangled Up
On day fifteen, Buddy got a little tangle up trying to add lights to the Christmas tree.

Day 16 | On Santa’s Lap
Buddy gave Santa his Christmas list on day sixteen.

The final eight photos will be posted on Christmas Eve.