The Tooth Fairy Is In The House

We had a visit from our friendly tooth fairy last night.  Sophia finally lost her other top front tooth.  It had been wiggly for months so I think we were all relieved that it finally came out – with a little help from Mom.  Our nighttime routine in recent weeks was to test and see if it was ready to come out.  Sophia made the decision to let me pull it last night.  She said it didn’t hurt, but it did bleed a little bit.  We put it in a small Ziploc bag, labeled it and stuck it under her pillow.  This morning the bag was missing and she was two dollars richer.

Gaping Hole

The dentist informed us in Sophia’s appointment last week that there will be a number of lost teeth during the next few months.  In fact, both Sebastian and Sophia have quite a few loose teeth.  I think the tooth fairy may be filing for Chapter 11 by Christmas.  Perhaps we will have to join her in bankruptcy, as the dentist also noted that she foresees braces in both of their futures.  The only good news is that neither of the kids had cavities – ever!  Brushing and flossing works!!