Before Nightfall

We spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon at my Mom’s house this weekend. Temperatures in the 60’s in early March. What could be better?

Sophia and I ventured outside during the last few minutes of daylight to take a few photos and check out the sunset.

In honor of what would have been my Dad’s 87th birthday, here are a few of our photos from the journey.

The Old Barn
Giving The Old Barn A Lift
Across The Field
Night Flying



A Trip Out To The Country

We made an impromptu trip out to visit my Mom on Saturday.  We brought food for an easy dinner, hopped in the Pathfinder and journeyed out to the country.  We made it in time to go evening church service.  We had to get there early so that my Mom could bring flowers for the altar.  She picks them fresh out of her garden each week, makes a beautiful arrangement and then puts them in two matching vases.  This week she had beautiful mix of lilies and a few lazy Susan’s, along with some greenery.  I didn’t take a photo, but here are a couple of images from her garden to give you a sense of her green thumb.

Star Gazer Lily
Pretty Purple

After church and dinner, Sophia and I ventured out to the field to see the beginnings of a beautiful sunset.

Field Trip
Photo Op With The Old Rake
Leaning Fence Posts

Sophia grumbled the whole way, complaining about the bugs buzzing around her head and the grass poking through her shoes.  She ended up admitting it was worth the hike when she saw the view from atop the hill.

Taking A Panoramic Photo With The iPhone

We decided to have a little fun.

Jumping Over The Sun

I had a little fun too.

Leap Of Faith

And then the sun went down.

Setting Sun
The Woods
Time To Head Home