Sophia  has been down in the Twin Cities with her Nana & Papa for the past few days.  She has been enjoying undivided attention, her favorite foods and a trip to the American Girl Doll store.  Although we miss her, we know she is having a fabulous time.

I noticed this picture on the back of her bedroom door this morning.  It is a picture she drew of one her favorite things that she learned how to do at gymnastics – a cartwheel.  It shows the four actions of her cartwheel.  Too cute!

Cartwheel by Sophia

The Gymnast

Sophia had her final gymnastics class (until next fall) last Wednesday.  They finished up the session with an open house for families to see what the students have been learning during class.  All levels and ages of kids were represented.  All the way from the pre-schoolers learning the basics to the teenagers doing floor exercises and bars.  It was a full house with standing room only, but I did manage to snap a few photos of Sophia showing off her moves.

Waiting For Her Turn
Balance Beam
Run, Jump, Somersault
Holding Up
Up-Side Down
Ready To Start A Cart-Wheel
Hand Stand
Monkey Bars

Sophia always ends the night with a time or two on the monkey bars outside before heading home.  She thinks it helps to build up her arm strength for gymnastics…or maybe it’s just a lot of fun.