All Grown Up

The wild baby bunnies are all grown up.  We keep seeing this little guy darting through the yard, stopping to snack on grass, clover or whatever else his taste buds are craving. He is very careful about scooting under the deck or shed for cover whenever he senses danger.

Through The Fence
Ready To Run

Empty Nest

Just days after finding four baby bunnies in a small burrow next to our house, Sophia and I spotted them exploring the backyard at dusk.  They were very cautious and remained still while we watched them.  Their ears perked up at one point and they all scampered away.  Mama bunny was nearby.

On Alert
Listening For Mom

Down The Rabbit Hole

I had quite a surprise while cleaning up my flower garden this weekend.  I was removing last season’s dead leaves from a hosta plant when a small creature hopped out from a burrow dug beside the plant.


They almost look like chipmunks in the photo above, but if you look closely in the photo below, there is evidence of bunny ears.


At the end of March, Sophia and I spotted this little lady in the backyard.  We had no idea at the time that she was looking for a place to have her babies.

Mama Bunny

Another pleasant surprise was finding this little blue beauty.

Baby Blue

I am so glad spring is finally here!