Artwork by Sophia

Sophia drew a picture of Daphne laying on her dog bed, chewing on her blue rubber bone.  She asked if I would put it up on my bulletin board at work.  I told her I would do one better, I would get her work published…on our family website.  Look for more artwork by Sophia (and Sebastian) in the next few days. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Artwork By Sophia

  1. Just got home today from the lake and am looking at all my emails but this one picture from Sophia has to be the best. She is definitely going to be the artist with Ella in the family. Please tell her I love her art work!!! Love, Nana


    1. Sophia thinks it is very cool to see her artwork on the website and enjoyed hearing that Nana liked her pictures. Check out her new stuff that we put up today along with some of Sebastian’s.


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